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PrintAd shoot: Andrea

Clean. Flawless and glowing are the words to describe Andrea’s look for this print ad shoot. We want to bring out her natural beautiful glowing skin and bright smile.

Pinkish nudes tones that beautifully matches her skin tone with korean inspired liptint.

Naturally fresh and achievable for your bridal beauty look.

Would you wear this Glowing bridal look on your big day? ❤️

Tell us what you think? 😊

Airbrushed make up: Nybie Ng

Hair: Pao La Ramirez

Thank you Itch Creatives for the trust ❤️

PHOTOSHOOT: House of Eva- Loraine

House Of Eva

Model: Loraine Lopez

Photographer: Valerie De Leon

Make up: Nybie Ng

Hair: Pao la Ramirez


B/A: Ms.Cherie

Love and Arts Studio  with the shoe-Goddess herself  Ms. Cherie, of  Shoe Goddess.

A true goddess not just of shoes but of beauty inside and out indeed.

More shoot photos to follow!:) ( I’m so excited ) By the way, this was farthest my best day of shoe-haven! I was awestruck by her collection of shoes, they were all so droolingly amazing!  I want them all! haha 🙂

Hair and Make up by: Make up Artistry by Nybie Ng

Photography: Mark Vitasa

Concept and Styling:  Beszie Irorita-Vitasa

Shoot Coordinator: Love and Arts Studio

DEBUT: Maine

One of the most awaited moment in an adolescent life is reaching her 18th year of age. This marks the day the she will be presented in the eyes of the public as a woman.

Gold Rush

A lady as precious as Gold.  more talented than ever. Ms. Maine Manalansan.

I was impressed by this young lady at a young age she established an online magazine with a boost from her passion. She is currently The Editor-in-chief of  Stache Magazine Online

Stache Magazine Online is an online magazine where they envision a platform for you and your creativity. A platform that will bring out the best in you, to release your creative juices and frustration. A platform for you to be discovered because you deserve it. We deserve it. This generation is all about art, the world wide web, making it big, making it fast. We get it. We understand. We empathize. And that’s where we go in. (SMO,2010)

Thumbs up!  for Stache Magazine Online  and Ms. Maine.

So now here’s her look for the moment we’ve all been waiting for;

Make up byNybie Anne Marie Ng

Hair by: Pao La Ramirez

Location: Glass Garden

Coordinator: Ms. Rea Nepomuceno of  Vanity Coordinates


She already has nice a set of eyes and nice lips . We want to achieve a 1920’s look, as to the theme of her party.

In the 1920’s  there was a change in how the world looked at women. The makeup styles of the Roaring Twenties changed as flappers came into vogue.

In the 1920’s eyes were heavily lined and defined. The lip color were into deep red, deep brownish reds, plum and orange.

For her eyes, I defined the creases and thickly lined it with eyeliner.

Blush on the peach and apricot tone

Lips , are on the darker red shade.