The Artist: Ms. Nybie Ng

The Artist: Ms. Nybie Ng

Ms. Nybie  /”nee-beeh”/ is a make-up artist who is very very much passionate about her craft. A product of the prestigious Center for Aesthetic Studies, this lady has always been fond of making people beautiful even during her younger days. She’s now beginning to fulfill her childhood dream of traveling the world doing makeup and meeting inspiring people through hard work and perseverance.

Also a Registered Medical Technologist and graduate of University of Santo Tomas, Nybie loves dealing with people and knowing their needs. In her spare time, she does photoshoots, build portfolios, draws and paints to further develop her artistic creativity.  She has been working with several professional models and photographers and whomever she works with, she devotes her time and passion for the arts as much as she can.

Through the use of her trained eye, professional experience and the finest makeup products, she makes magic by enhancing the beauty of her clients. All make-up sessions with Ms.Nybie truly become an exciting and wonderful experience.

Her forte as a professional make up artist is Bridal Airbrush make up artistry with her being  5 years in the wedding industry her experiences and skills had mold her to become one of the finest bridal make up artist in the country. Collaborating with more than a hundred brides already she shows her exceptional skills through her make up artistry. Her vision as a bridal make up artist is to make brides naturally fresh and radiant on their big day. She wants them to look and feel their best enhancing their natural beauty and defining their best features bringing out the best in them. Most of the Filipina women are not used to putting on make up or they feel uncomfortable with make up on growing up in a very conservative country understanding their needs and providing brides-to-be the confidence and empowerment they need are her key characteristics with her bubbly charm and attitude together with her team they never fail to make her bride light hearted, fun-spirited and relaxed on her big day.

This God given talent is truly a blessing for her. She thanks God everyday for meeting new people and for giving her a lot of new experiences and opportunities that challenges her to not only become a better person but also to be better in her artistic field.

Passion, love for her work, creativity and blessings from God above makes this all possible.


Did this make you interested in her artistry?

She would love to meet you, and who knows, you could be her next #nybiengbride.

Have a blessed day ahead. To God be the glory.




Ms.Nybie Ng of Nybie Ng Make Up Artistry
  1. you seem very talented!

  2. Beautiful…you are on your way and I look forward to seeing you at the top!!!!

  3. nybie, astig to. sobra!

  4. Awesome Job Nybie ! We are so proud of you. Keep your Dreams Alive ! from your Family in Charlotte, NC and Nashville,TN – Tita Mae, Tito James, Kuya TJ, Ate Nela, Abbie, Grandma and Grandpa.

  5. Fabulous talented work Nybie.. I’m so proud I have a friend like you. Keep up the good work and goodluck to all yOur upcOming projects.. keep safe and Godbless 🙂

  6. I find your works very good and interesting.. 🙂

  7. Michelle Rayala

    Hi! What is your contact number? I am looking for a make up artist.,thank you

  8. chelzea aguilar

    can you send me your package rate please. Thank you.

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