Can You Pull Off That Red Lipstick?

Have you ever wondered how a red lipstick can instantly brightens a dull day.

Would you agree that there is no bigger statement than rocking a timeless red lipstick on any day or occasion and that anyone can surely pull it off?

Definitely. 💄

RED is a classic color that draws attention and exudes an empowering boost of confidence.

It is said that. “Wearing red lipstick can make the wearer look younger and more attractive.” (Chanel,2016)

Let us not underestimate the power of red lipstick and know the tips on how we can rock that red once and for all.

Choose the right red lip color that matches your skin tone.

Determine if you have cool or warm under tone:

Cool undertone – veins under the wrist of your skin are bluish in color.

Cherry, raspberry, burgundy, wine, rose, or crimson are the shades that looks well with your skintone.

Warm undertone – veins under the wrist of your skin are greenish in color.

Orange, golden, sunset, coral, or fiery are shades that will blend well with your warm undertone.

Neutral undertone – best of both world having greenish and bluish veins.

Perfect for all shades of red.

Thin or full lips matter.

Deep red makes your lips look thinner and smaller so opt for a brighter shade of red.

Lighter and brighter shades of red makes your lip looks more fuller so go deep in the shades of red if you have fuller lips.

Bold lips, Soft eyes.

Your look should always complement. Pair red with light eye makeup to achieve balance and not make the look too empowering.

Be precise.

Use a natural shade of lip liner to outline your lips.

Use a brush in applying lipstick to make more precise lines.

Prevent bleeding by applying concealer around the border of your mouth.

Be confidently beautiful.

The “lipstick effect” is a known psychological phenomenon in which wearing makeup can give individuals a confidence boost.

With these tricks in the bag you are surely all ready to rock your Red lipstick glam!💄

Always be confident.


Nybie ✨

Nybie Ng Make Up Artistry



Lovely red lipstick beauties




Airbrushed makeup by: Nybie Ng

Hair: Pao La Ramirez

How To Find Your Perfect Bridal Look For Your Big Day

Yey! ❤️ The love of your life finally proposed to you. 💍 You are light headed, happy and fuzzy on the inside. It is years before your wedding day but before you know it. It’s now months before your wedding day and now you are counting the days before the big day. Little did you know that a lot of options and decision making came hand in hand with that “Yes”that you made.

The wedding is a once in a lifetime event and surely there are a lot of things that can stress you out. It’s normal to feel a little overwhelmed since most brides are clueless with make up and what look to achieve. But let skip that part and let me help you out.

You need to consider your personality and what is comfortable for you.

It is your big day and you want to be the best version of yourself.

You can ask yourself some of these questions:

    What look do I want to achieve for my wedding?
    Am I comfortable with dark/heavy makeup or am i comfortable with light/natural make up?
    What make up looks do I find myself comfortable with?
    Is there a peg that you have been dreaming about and would want to do for your wedding?

Asking yourself these questions help you to get to know yourself better and limit down your preferences and options.

Do research.

After knowing what would work best for you. You have also narrowed down list of options that you want for your big day. These will help you to efficiently research and find inspirations for that perfect look.

Our ever trusty Google, Pinterest and Instagram can help you indulge in these research. (May I warn you ,It might be fun and addicting😉)

This is also the time to research on professional bridal make up artists who would do the job for you. This would also help build that trust and confidence since she will be doing one of the crucial task in the wedding. You can check websites, online portfolios, reviews from former clients and bridal fair schedules like this.👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻

Do communicate and have a trial with your chosen artist.

It is always nice to get to know your artist’s personality, work ethics and their skill level. Ofcourse, you may want to know if you would be comfortable and if they can excecute the look you have visualized.

It is best to discuss options and try different looks. A good and seasoned make up artist will assess and give suggestions on how to achieve the look you want. Your bridal make ups is always a good collaboration of the bride and the make up artist.

You can also know if you are Acidic.

also to avoid Make up mistakes that will sabotage your big day.

Confidence is the key.

I believe that whatever bridal makeup look you may come up with, nothing beats a bride who is confident. ❤️ While make up enhances and brings out the best in you. True happiness and radiance of a beautiful and inlove heart will always shine through.

Looking forward to your big day, Beauties ❤️

Stay beautiful and inlove.


Nybie ✨

Nybie Ng Make Up Artistry



Featuring our simply beautiful bride, Hazelene 👰🏻❤️

Airbrushed make up by: Nybie Ng

Hair by: Pao La Ramirez

5 Top Make up Mistakes That Make You Look Older

“Hindi ako nagmamakeup ,Ayoko ng make up tumatanda ako.” ( “I don’t wear make up, It ages my face.”)

Believe it or not. I usually come across clients who are afraid of putting on make up and has this same sentiments. I, myself had past horrific make up experiences when I was younger that led me to knowing make up in a deeper level.

It is easy to avoid mistakes if you know what you are doing. With a few simples steps and changes. We will get you glowing and younger in no time.

Ofcourse, everyone specially brides to be want to have that fresh and perfect make up look for every event and for their big day.

Here’s my 5 Top Make Up Mistakes That Make You Look Older:

1. Not considering a good skin and skin care routine.

Nothing beats a good canvas to start on. Just like a painter works on a clean blank pristine slate. It’s good to have a good and taken care off skin. So months before an event make sure you check on your skin.

2. Not considering proper eyebrow correction.

Your eyebrows frames your face and is very crucial in maintaning balance in your facial symmetry.

Do keep in mind mind that “Your brows should be sisters not twins.”

3. You are in your wrong shade of foundation.

You should always match your foundation tone with you face.

Did you know that a foundation too light will make you look older.

Acidic skin can make your foundation look darker and your skin older as well so we need that perfect balance.

4. Too much contouring and highlights

When done properly contouring and highlights will surely work magic for your face. It will definitely hide and bring out your facial structure and your best features.

Contouring is done with darker tones to hide and shade your flaws.

Highlighter on the other hand brings out your best features using shimmer or lighter shades.

On the other hand,

Too much contouring or highlights will make you look like drag and bring definition on your fine and age lines.

5. Not investing in a lasting and waterproof make up

With the humidity and temperature here in the Philippines. It is really best to invest in lasting and waterproof make up that will be sweat and tear proof specially for brides.

You wouldn’t want to look like a panda on your big day or event,right?🐼

But, Ofcourse It is always a bonus to have your trusted professional makeup artist to do the job for you to save you the time, money and the trouble in achieving that perfect beautiful glow and avoiding any mishap.

Plus a good hairstylist too ❤️ ( Thanks, Pao La)

Did you ever had a bad experience with make up? or Have had a question in mind that you would love us to do an article next?

We would love to hear from you!

Send in your stories and questions, beauties.❤️


Nybie ✨

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Featuring our beautifully flawless porcelain skinned bride, Ms.Maepril 👰🏻

Airbrushed makeup by: Nybie Ng

Hair: Pao La Ramirez

Are you an Acidic bride to be?

Achieving that perfect bridal glow and perfect skin tone is crucial to look best for one’s wedding. As a make up artist for 10 years now. I often encounter brides who have this skin concern. They tell me that they have acidic skin.

but what really is an acidic skin?

Our skin is usually coated by an acid mantle that protects our skin from irritants such as bacteria, fungi and such. It’s normal pH ( power of hydrogen) is naturally between 4.5 and 6.2.

Many factors can affect our natural skin pH like age, oiliness, moisture, humidity that causes a decrease in the skin pH making it more acidic (<4.5)

This decrease in the pH causes the make up to oxidize. It triggers oil production as well as a darker change in the foundation color.

Any bride wouldn’t want a tanned orangy face on their wedding day right?

But don’t you fret any skilled make up artist would easily determine if you are acidic or not with their trained eyes.

Just like our recent bride Ms. Dianne ❤️

She has a very nice skin and lovely facial feature but she voiced out her concern that she is acidic and that she wants to look naturally fresh , radiant and glowing on her big day.

For Acidic brides we usually adjust the skin foundation 1-2 tones lighter than her natural skin tone.

so even though the skin oxidizes. We can still achieve that natural skin and glowing tone that we want. ❤️

Such a lovely and radiant bride. ❤️

Actual wedding photos courtesy of Ms.Regina Robles of Photos by Regina

Her beautiful colorful blue hair matched her colorful vibrant personality.💙

We just loved how she rocked it on her big day .

Did you love her look just like we did?

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Great day ahead beauties




Airbrushed makeup: Nybie Ng

Hair: Ivan Deney

Photo: Photos by Regina

PrintAd shoot: Andrea

Clean. Flawless and glowing are the words to describe Andrea’s look for this print ad shoot. We want to bring out her natural beautiful glowing skin and bright smile.

Pinkish nudes tones that beautifully matches her skin tone with korean inspired liptint.

Naturally fresh and achievable for your bridal beauty look.

Would you wear this Glowing bridal look on your big day? ❤️

Tell us what you think? 😊

Airbrushed make up: Nybie Ng

Hair: Pao La Ramirez

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