Wigs and Weddings

Wigs and weddings.

Have you ever wondered if wigs and weddings can go perfectly well together? Is that even possible? Will it be too obvious? Will it not fall?

Maybe these questions will pop in your mind right before the big day.

But did you know that wigs has been stealing the scenes in fashion as well as weddings with its versatility and flexibility.

In ancient times, wigs were part of Egyptians, Assyrians, Phoenicians, Greeks, and Romans culture. Egyptians practiced shaving their heads and used wigs to protect their scalp from the hot sun. They used human hair,animal hair, and beeswax to make their appearance more attractive. The highborn wore expensive wigs made from human hair and decorated them with gold. The famous queen Cleopatra was known to use several wigs in her beauty routine. The wig was not just a fashion accessory but was also part of religious rituals, the dead were buried with wigs for a wealthy afterlife. (Beautykrew,2020)

Wigs are made from either actual human hair or from synthetic fibers, and the two have completely different benefits and challenges.

Wearing a wig was Kristiane’s request for her big day. It was our first time to encounter her request but we happily gave in to her request. We caught up with Kristiane to share with us her experience on wigs on her wedding day. ❤️

Nybie: How long have you been wearing wigs?

Kristiane: I only wore a wig twice in my life – one was during our prenuptial shoot and the second one was during our wedding. But even though it sounds like I had no choice but to wear one during my wedding day, it wasn’t really the case. My husband lovingly told me that I could wear one or not – and that I must pursue what would make me happy.

Prenup look for our bride, Kristiane wearing her Lila Wig

Prenup look for Kristiane wearing her two toned ash blonde wig.

N: Give a short background why you are wearing a wig for your wedding?

K: I underwent chemotherapy prior to our wedding. One side effect of the treatment is hair falling off. Although my husband to be assured me that I will look well without a wig, I still wanted to experience the most special day of my life with long locks. The short period to recover from chemotherapy hindered me from realizing my dream of walking the aisle with my then long brown hair. So I decided to wear a wig – to make me happy in the happiest day of our lives.

N: How were you able to chose the best wig for you? Do you have an inspiration for the look?

K: If I had my natural brown hair during the wedding day, I would love to have a rustic hairstyle for the special day with fresh flowers on my head. I like it because it’s simple yet elegant. The natural little messy look make me comfortable and at home. Due to the circumstances I have, I chose a light purple wig because it was my favorite color. My fiance then and husband now also loved referring to me as “Lila” in his poems. During our special day, I was happy being that “Lila” he fondly calls in his literary pieces of art.

“Lila” is Lavender/ purple in Filipino.

N: Is there a certain make up look you want to achieve with your wig for the wedding? Is there any special request for your hair and makeup for your wedding?

K: Fresh, radiant, natural and simple – that was the make-up look I wanted for our wedding. I didn’t communicate this with Nybie beforehand and just trusted with her artistry. Yet, it was exactly what she did. My friends also loved how I looked during our wedding day. I especially requested that I wanted an up-do for our church ceremony and have my hair let down during the reception. I didn’t know it was possible with a wig but Nybie and Pao La was able to make it happen. I especially loved the fresh flowers hued purple and white on my head. What’s amazing was that it all happened spontaneously and everything fell perfectly in to place.

N: How did wearing a wig made you feel on your wedding day?

K: I had more confidence walking down the aisle with my wig especially that it was the hue I loved. I deliberated beforehand because it was also aright for me and my husband that I not wear a wig on our wedding day. But since I wanted our special day to be memorable and fun, I told myself to try it out. My husband would always encourage me to go beyond the usual. His support made me more comfortable in being adventurous during our wedding day.

At first, I was also worried that it might fall off so I specially asked Moda Rosa to make my veil light weight and simple. I didn’t know there was a trick to make the wig stay for long hours. I learned so much from Pao La and Nybie during our special day.

N:Did your glam team achieve the look that you wanted?

K: Definitely! And it was more than what I expected. I love the fresh flowers that Pao La did creatively with my up-do hair. I think it went very well with Nybie’s professional make-up artistry which made me look fresh and radiant.

N: Any advices for brides who would want to wear a wig on their wedding day?

K: You know what’s best for you on your wedding day – just go with what’s familiar (if that’s what you want), what’s comfortable or with what makes you happiest. That will radiate in your smile and make your bridal glow even more brighter. What’s more important is that you enjoy your special day with your special someone – that finally you are holding each other’s hand in front of the Divine and asking His blessing.

Thank you for sharing your wonderful story with us , Kristiane and Thank you for trusting us to be part of your special day ❤️

Stay inlove and beautiful.


Nybie ✨

Nybie Ng Make Up Artistry



Featuring our Lila Bride , Kristiane 👰🏻❤️

Airbrushed make up by: Nybie Ng

Hair by: Pao La Ramirez

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