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WEDDING : Carlo and Erika


WEDDING : Carlo and Erika

Photo credits: Nice Print Photography

Airbrushed Make up by: Nybie Ng Make up Artistry

Hair by: Pao la Ramirez

Church:St. Ignatius of Loyola

Reception: Oasis




20130213-183009.jpg 20130213-183024.jpg

20130213-183059.jpg 20130213-183049.jpg

20130213-183043.jpg 20130213-183105.jpg


WEDDING : Engelbert and Jasmin

WEDDING : Engelbert and Jasmin

Photography: Osep and Mimi Photography

Video: Alt X productions

Airbrushed Make up by: Nybie Ng Make up Artistry

Hair by: Pao la Ramirez




20130209-130005.jpg 20130209-130016.jpg




TRIAL: Ms. Geegin

Trial Make up for my 12/12/12 bride

She’s naturally beautiful with glowing skin and a beautiful face shape. I was asking her what look she wants to achieve for her wedding. She said that she really has no idea, And just work my magic on her.  I told her that  usually on weddings clients request something natural and fresh.

I used natural tones for her eye shadow but gave her a hint of shimmer at defined her almond shaped eyes.

For her eye brows I rounded it off a bit to give her a softer look.

hint of peach-pink blush on her cheeks.

natural lip tone for the lips




Defined eyes


Fresh, soft and feminine look just perfect for the wedding


Booked on 12/12/12,perfect date!:)

Im glad she was happy with the make up. She texted me after the trial and said that she was happy and confident with my work.

After posting the pictures she received a lot of compliments and that they usually thought make up would make someone look older but for her its the other way around.


Airbrush make up: Nybie Ng

Hair: Pao la Ramirez

Photo credits: Cris Mirador  (thank you so much sir for the photos ) 🙂