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Predebut: Glezlie

Pre Debut Photoshoot: Glezlie


Airbrushed Make up : Nybie Ng of Nybie Ng Make Up Artistry

Hairstyling: Pao La Ramirez of Nybie Ng Make Up Artistry

Photography: Mark Vitasa Photography

Location: Ronac Art Center



Our gorgeous debutante Ms. Glezlie Ong. One of Chinatown’s pride and beauty. She won Ms. Chinatown 2014 Social media darling. Blessed with beauty and brains she surely grabbed the crowd’s attention. It is with pleasure to have done her dream look  on her big day and her pre debut shoot. Having done the wedding and debuts of her eldest sister’s wedding and 2 older sisters we have been blessed to have such loyal and happy clients.

For her pre debut photoshoot we did 4 looks for her. We started of with a natural look to naturally bring out her beauty and natural glow. Young and vibrant as she is we brought out her innate beauty with neutral tones of eye shadow and soft pink lips that matches her natural liptone.


glezlie_pre_-109 glezlie_pre_-141












On her 2nd look we used a pop of pink lips to match her floral wreath headpiece to bring out the femininity of this layout.

glezlie_pre_-247glezlie_pre_-283For her 3rd look we used a deep red color to match the interior and the pop art feel of the place.

Her last lay out is more edgy highlighting more of her personality. We used a deep plum lipstick and straightened her hair for a more editorial feel.


Young, Vibrant, Feminine ,Confident and Edgy

she truly

Epitomizes the true beauty of girl turning into a woman.

Thank you for making Nybie Ng Make Up Artistry part of it.

We are blessed.

DEBUT: Gritzie

Rockin through the 60’s

(a Pre-debut shoot)

The 60’s is the birth of the “PSYCHEDELIC LOOK“.  The advent of Fashion and Make up in  full-color and pattern are the highlights of this era. Bell bottom pants. Flatform shoes. Bee-hive hairstyles.  Cher, Twiggy and Elvis Presley were all popular icons during this era. Let’s not forget the Beatles too!:)

More of the Trends are tie-dye shirts, Mini skirts, Leather boots, Long False    eye-leashes, Women liked pantyhose because the darker color gave them  the appearance of a slimmer, tanner leg. The bikini also became popular in  60s fashion, especially after the release of the movie Beach Party.

Now , Lets put her into a time machine and bring back the 60’s through Make- up, Hair style and Fashion ;

Make up byNybie Anne Marie Ng

Hair byPao La Ramirez

Wardrobe: Giselle Ong

Photos by: 8Flashes Photography


During the 60’s, Dark eyes paired with pale lips is IN.

For the eyes, Shimmery colors of silver and green were introduced. And one of the best sellers were the shimmery creme shadow( which is meant to brighten up the eye sockets) Twiggy as the icon who commonly used this shade , gave the industry a mod and high fashion look.

Blush: orange/peach undertones

Lips: pale neutral color


 For the 2nd look we changed the lip color,hairstyle and eyeshadow ;


For the Lovely and Psychedelic sisters  ;

I made a fusion of colors for their eye shadows

Make up byNybie Anne Marie Ng

 Hair byPao La Ramirez

Wardrobe: Giselle Ong

Photos by: 8Flashes Photoraphy

  Beauty runs in the genes!:) with her beautiful mom 

The Psychedelic Ong Family! 🙂 ❤ 

(I super  Love this pic!)

DEBUT: Maine

One of the most awaited moment in an adolescent life is reaching her 18th year of age. This marks the day the she will be presented in the eyes of the public as a woman.

Gold Rush

A lady as precious as Gold.  more talented than ever. Ms. Maine Manalansan.

I was impressed by this young lady at a young age she established an online magazine with a boost from her passion. She is currently The Editor-in-chief of  Stache Magazine Online

Stache Magazine Online is an online magazine where they envision a platform for you and your creativity. A platform that will bring out the best in you, to release your creative juices and frustration. A platform for you to be discovered because you deserve it. We deserve it. This generation is all about art, the world wide web, making it big, making it fast. We get it. We understand. We empathize. And that’s where we go in. (SMO,2010)

Thumbs up!  for Stache Magazine Online  and Ms. Maine.

So now here’s her look for the moment we’ve all been waiting for;

Make up byNybie Anne Marie Ng

Hair by: Pao La Ramirez

Location: Glass Garden

Coordinator: Ms. Rea Nepomuceno of  Vanity Coordinates


She already has nice a set of eyes and nice lips . We want to achieve a 1920’s look, as to the theme of her party.

In the 1920’s  there was a change in how the world looked at women. The makeup styles of the Roaring Twenties changed as flappers came into vogue.

In the 1920’s eyes were heavily lined and defined. The lip color were into deep red, deep brownish reds, plum and orange.

For her eyes, I defined the creases and thickly lined it with eyeliner.

Blush on the peach and apricot tone

Lips , are on the darker red shade.