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5 Top Make up Mistakes That Make You Look Older

“Hindi ako nagmamakeup ,Ayoko ng make up tumatanda ako.” ( “I don’t wear make up, It ages my face.”)

Believe it or not. I usually come across clients who are afraid of putting on make up and has this same sentiments. I, myself had past horrific make up experiences when I was younger that led me to knowing make up in a deeper level.

It is easy to avoid mistakes if you know what you are doing. With a few simples steps and changes. We will get you glowing and younger in no time.

Ofcourse, everyone specially brides to be want to have that fresh and perfect make up look for every event and for their big day.

Here’s my 5 Top Make Up Mistakes That Make You Look Older:

1. Not considering a good skin and skin care routine.

Nothing beats a good canvas to start on. Just like a painter works on a clean blank pristine slate. It’s good to have a good and taken care off skin. So months before an event make sure you check on your skin.

2. Not considering proper eyebrow correction.

Your eyebrows frames your face and is very crucial in maintaning balance in your facial symmetry.

Do keep in mind mind that “Your brows should be sisters not twins.”

3. You are in your wrong shade of foundation.

You should always match your foundation tone with you face.

Did you know that a foundation too light will make you look older.

Acidic skin can make your foundation look darker and your skin older as well so we need that perfect balance.

4. Too much contouring and highlights

When done properly contouring and highlights will surely work magic for your face. It will definitely hide and bring out your facial structure and your best features.

Contouring is done with darker tones to hide and shade your flaws.

Highlighter on the other hand brings out your best features using shimmer or lighter shades.

On the other hand,

Too much contouring or highlights will make you look like drag and bring definition on your fine and age lines.

5. Not investing in a lasting and waterproof make up

With the humidity and temperature here in the Philippines. It is really best to invest in lasting and waterproof make up that will be sweat and tear proof specially for brides.

You wouldn’t want to look like a panda on your big day or event,right?🐼

But, Ofcourse It is always a bonus to have your trusted professional makeup artist to do the job for you to save you the time, money and the trouble in achieving that perfect beautiful glow and avoiding any mishap.

Plus a good hairstylist too ❤️ ( Thanks, Pao La)

Did you ever had a bad experience with make up? or Have had a question in mind that you would love us to do an article next?

We would love to hear from you!

Send in your stories and questions, beauties.❤️


Nybie ✨

Nybie Ng Make Up Artistry


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Featuring our beautifully flawless porcelain skinned bride, Ms.Maepril 👰🏻

Airbrushed makeup by: Nybie Ng

Hair: Pao La Ramirez

Are you an Acidic bride to be?

Achieving that perfect bridal glow and perfect skin tone is crucial to look best for one’s wedding. As a make up artist for 10 years now. I often encounter brides who have this skin concern. They tell me that they have acidic skin.

but what really is an acidic skin?

Our skin is usually coated by an acid mantle that protects our skin from irritants such as bacteria, fungi and such. It’s normal pH ( power of hydrogen) is naturally between 4.5 and 6.2.

Many factors can affect our natural skin pH like age, oiliness, moisture, humidity that causes a decrease in the skin pH making it more acidic (<4.5)

This decrease in the pH causes the make up to oxidize. It triggers oil production as well as a darker change in the foundation color.

Any bride wouldn’t want a tanned orangy face on their wedding day right?

But don’t you fret any skilled make up artist would easily determine if you are acidic or not with their trained eyes.

Just like our recent bride Ms. Dianne ❤️

She has a very nice skin and lovely facial feature but she voiced out her concern that she is acidic and that she wants to look naturally fresh , radiant and glowing on her big day.

For Acidic brides we usually adjust the skin foundation 1-2 tones lighter than her natural skin tone.

so even though the skin oxidizes. We can still achieve that natural skin and glowing tone that we want. ❤️

Such a lovely and radiant bride. ❤️

Actual wedding photos courtesy of Ms.Regina Robles of Photos by Regina

Her beautiful colorful blue hair matched her colorful vibrant personality.💙

We just loved how she rocked it on her big day .

Did you love her look just like we did?

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Great day ahead beauties




Airbrushed makeup: Nybie Ng

Hair: Ivan Deney

Photo: Photos by Regina

EVENTS:Trumpets Fashionshow

Trumpets Playshop Fashionshow organized by Ms. Diohanna Plantado-Tiongson, One of Motives Unfranchise owner and Trumpets’ Playshops instructress And Ms. Jenny De Castro, Motive’s International Certified trainor. Invited me to be one of the Make up Artist for the fashion show. It will showcase talented models under the Trumpets’ Playshop modelling class.

The peg that was given to us was natural glowing look in neutral colors.

here are the pictures courtesy of  James Mercado Photography.

busy, trying to achieve the peg.

Lovely Models loving their natural glowing look

The Talented Make up Artist!:)

Tips: Achieving the Natural Look

Always remember that “less is more” in applying make up to achieve that natural glow. For Everyday make up, light and natural should always be the key.  Choose make up colors that will enhance your features not overcome them, they should make you still look like yourself.

Here are tips on how to achieve the Natural make up look:

  • First  of all the foundation should match your skin tone. or better yet use powder if your skin is already perfect ( most Filipina’s do already). Don’t put on too much foundation. ( it will make your face look cakey or pulvorinsh 🙂 )
  •  If your buying a shade for you i suggest you try the shade not on your hand, but on a part of your cheek /anyhwere around the face area just to make sure the tone matches your face.
  • Eyebrows should always be well-balanced. brows should not be darker than your hair color. So choose a shade that will definitely match your hair.
  • Eyeshadow colors  are preffered to be on the neutral shades (browns,peach,bronze ( I like bronze it adds up a little drama on your look )).
  • Curl your lashes to open up your eyes. This instantly brighten
  • Apply thin coats of mascara on the upper and lower lashes of your lids.
  • Lip colors should be close to the original color of the lips. pink,coral shades will do 🙂


Eyes are the windows to the soul.

Eye shadow: Motives’ Sweet Chocolate, latte and Antique Gold

Blush: Motives’ Lust

Lips: Motives’ Neutral shade Formula rich lipstick

Foundation: Motives’ Vanilla Creme and Almond


L ovely Tamara:)

Me ( with Tamara’s version of the natural look) and Tamara ( with my version of the natural Look)

B/A:Mrs. Abella (Mature Make-up)

My co-worker Melai, asked me at work(haha, part-time medtech, full-time make up artist :p ) one afternoon if I could do make up for her mom. She would be attending a Wedding as a “Ninang” ( Godmother). To be a Godmother is one prestigious part in the wedding like the bride you will walk down the aisle and be presented in a principal sponsors table. Another note that Melai gave me is that the other principal sponsors will be famous personalities like Sen. Bong RevillaSen. Jinggoy Estrada, Phillip Salvador and Lorna Tolentino.

Her mom has a Spanish lineage so her facial feature resembles of a Mestiza, like our former Ms. Universe , Ms. Gloria Romero. Deep-set eyes, well defined nose bridge  high cheek bones and a small lips to complete it.

She is also not used to putting make up on, ever-since her teenage years. So this was really a challenge for me.  She told me that she wants light make up.  Strong make up makes her feel very unlike herself and uncomfortable.

As a make up artist it is important for me to view clients opinion. They will be wearing the make up the whole day so ,its really important that they are comfortable, and they would feel confident about themselves. That’s really the whole point of being a make up artist. Making my clients feel comfortable,confident and naturally beautiful.

so with out further a due, here’s Mrs. Abella ;

Hair and Make up by :Nybie Anne Marie Ng


Her brows are naturally thin so i reconstructed it and made her eye brows more defined.

on her eyes are dark brown, light brown and gold shades these are shades on the more neutral color,

Her cheeks are prominent but to make it more define i highlighted her cheek bone as well to make her look more  younger.

on the lips, shes not used to dark shades of colors so she suggested that it would be on lighter side or the pinker shade. so instead i mixed two colors of lipstick one on the pink end another on the old rose tone.

Her hair is naturally short and wavy,so, thought of achieving a more regal hairdo for her.


me and the beautiful Mrs. Mayet Abella 😛

Isn’t she so Regal ? Love ly!:)

that night i received a message making my heart melt, a thank you text from Melai;

Hi, Nybie! thanks sa pag make up sa mom ko,

dami bumati sa kanya ang ganda;

bumagay sa gown nya she looks stunning.

Ms. Mayet with her lovely daughters, Melai and Millete

Ms. Mayet with Ms. Lorna Tolentino

Ms. Mayet with Mr. Phillip Salvador


Photo Credits: Ms. Millete Abella-Ricafrente