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5 Ways to Transfrom your Look During your Wedding

Have you ever been curious on how many looks should a bride have on her wedding day?

There is really no specific rule for that.

But we can share tips with you on how to spice up and transform your wedding look without needing an extra dress or without going over budget with the help of your make up artist.

1. Having a Pre-gown look.

What is a Pre- gown look is a look done before the wedding dress is worn. It is usually a light and fresh make up look that matches bridal robe and preparation dress before wearing the actual wedding dress. It looks good with a natural hairdown hairstyle.

We love how we usually achieve the “I woke up like this look”.

Ms. Claire in her Pre-Gown look

2. Opt for Timeless and Classic look for the Ceremony.

For the wedding proper,the look is usually timeless that will look ageless even after 10 or 20 years looking back at your wedding albums. Soft, Natural and beautiful tone that will match your wedding gown is suggested. Hairstyle done is usually updo.

Classic and Elegant bridal look

3. Change your hairstyle for the reception proper.

The reception proper is usually a more laid back and relaxed part of the wedding so you can have your hair in a much relaxed manner by having it down in a full hairdown or a fun pony tail.

High pony

4. Have fun with your lip color.

You can change and play with your lip color during your wedding. Try subtle and natural tones for the ceremony. Add up some spice to your look with bold and daring lip color for the reception.

A pop of color

5. Wing it.

You can change your look by just emphazing your eyeliner. Bold lines add more details to your look.

Beautiful winged liner

Here is the actually wedding look transformation of our bride,Ms. Claire.

Before and after video

Airbrushed make up: Nybie Ng

Hair: Pao La Ramirez

Gown: Marc Soliven Ngan