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My First COVID19 Wedding gig

First and foremost.

How are you all been doing? I hope you are all safe and healthy ✨

The past 3 months had been tough. Taking a toll on the wedding industry and the economy. Health and safety ofcourse is our top most priority, halting our services and focusing on controlling the rise of the spread of the virus.
We received countless reschedulling of the weddings and engagement shoots. We empathize with our client and we truly understand how they feel.
On our part before we proceed on going back to our work. It is important to take precautionary measures to keep our clients and our team safe.
After 3 months, finally the ECQ had been lifted. I received a call (Thursday) from our bride Ms.Trisha that they will be having their initimate wedding consisting of 10 people on Saturday. I was quite hesistant at first but she assured me that people are very limited and that it will only be the two of us in soon to be home when doing her make up.
To give a backaground. Their wedding was cancelled on March 14. It was the week that the president confirmed the lockdown.
I admire their resilience. What they had to go through was not easy.
but its good to keep in mind,

β€œWhenever there is a problem, there is always a solution to the problem.”

After consulting with my husband. I called some hair and make up artist friends with regards to their experience to the new normal ( Thank you Benelyn and Ten ) for the inputs and consulted a doctor friend,Dr.Christian Doce ( Thank you! ) for pointers to keep in mind for our safety and our clients safety during the appointment. With their help and inputs I finally had the courage.
We agreed to push through with the makeup appointment. 😊
Pointers that I had in mind preparing for the appointment:
  • Clean and sanitize make up kits and brushes
  • Treat everyone as positive, Wear proper PPE to protect self and client
  • Minimize products to be used to avoid exposure (Smaller make up kit with the essentials)
  • Prepare Ziplock bags to put used make ups and brushes for sanitation and disinfection after use
  • Ready a garbage bag for soiled clothes for laundry and prepare to shower right after appointment
  • Regularly wash hands
  • Avoid touching your face and neck during makeup session
Here it goes, The first time in 3 months that I got out of our house literally.
It actually felt great! and It felt like its my first time to go out ever. πŸ˜‚

My look with the PPE during the appointment 😊
Our lovely bride Trisha 😊

She requested for our signature fresh and radiant bridal make up look. We focused to bring out her eyes since she will be wearing a mask during the intimate wedding.

For her hair we chose a minimalist side up with a touch of fresh flowers.

And ofcourse the 2020 bridal look: Bridal Mask 😷
Congratulations Mr and Mrs. Sy! Truly Love endures and never fails ❀️
Thank you for sharing your beautiful photos with us 😍

You can look great even in Zoom Teleconferencing ✨ Thank you for the feed back Ms.Trisha 😍

Thank you for reading! ❀️
Praying that all will soon be back to normal.
I hope you all keep safe and home ✨
What are your new experiences in the new normal? share it with us? 😊