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BTS: LUNA UpDharmaDown Music Video



music video


(photo from

It was an honor to be selected to do the hair and make up for the latest music video one of the our country’s pride when it comes OPM (original pinoy music). I was so giddy like a school girl when I received a text from the stylist, Tippy Sy. That I was chosen to do make up for a music video shoot and later to find out that it was my favorite local band.

It was truly a blessing for me. The shoot was on the same day and the last day of my bridal fair at the Before I Do bridal fair at SM Megamall. I was thinking how I will manage both. I decided to leave the bridal fair to my ever supportive boyfriend, family and my superhairstylist. They never did let me down.

God’s grace is unending. He blessed us to hit number 1 spot in the Pinoy MYX countdown after its release. It was truly an experience to have worked with wonderful and talented  people in the industry.

Director: Nic Reyes and Pong Ignacio
Director of Photography: Pong Ignacio
Production Manager: Mara Andres
Production Designer: Marco Ortiga
Editor and Colorist: Maui Mauricio
Stylist: Tippi Sy
Assistant Stylist: Nicole Blanco Ramos
Hair and Makeup: Nybie Ng

Gaffer: Leo Rodovan
AC: Mau Roxas
Dolly Operator: Miko Naranjo

Camera, Lights and Grips: CMB Film Services
Special thanks to: Bigtop Productions, Xernan Orticio, Mr. Jim Baltazar of CMB Film Services


(photo from

For the peg of the music video the creative team wanted the shoot to be all black and white. They will be playing with lights and dolly movements of the subjects.

The make up inspiration was Twiggy with a modern twist.They also noted that the make up to be very particular with the small details since it will be shot in High Definition and Black and white.


(Funny Armi, sad daw dapat pag before pic LOL 😉 )

For Armi’s hair. It was done in a sleek hairstyle.

The make up done is also more contoured on the eyes and darker on colored version. To achieve its sophisticated look on black and white.

I also used double lashes and lashes on the lower lash line to make the eyes more dramatic. The lower waterline i line with matte white liner to achieve a more pronounced eyes when shot in monochrome.


Here are some of the behind the scenes photos is took during our shoot :







(Tippy , Armi, Me and Mara)

1412490_10151775156532761_1890678696_oThanks for reading 🙂

To God be the glory

DEBUT: Gritzie

Rockin through the 60’s

(a Pre-debut shoot)

The 60’s is the birth of the “PSYCHEDELIC LOOK“.  The advent of Fashion and Make up in  full-color and pattern are the highlights of this era. Bell bottom pants. Flatform shoes. Bee-hive hairstyles.  Cher, Twiggy and Elvis Presley were all popular icons during this era. Let’s not forget the Beatles too!:)

More of the Trends are tie-dye shirts, Mini skirts, Leather boots, Long False    eye-leashes, Women liked pantyhose because the darker color gave them  the appearance of a slimmer, tanner leg. The bikini also became popular in  60s fashion, especially after the release of the movie Beach Party.

Now , Lets put her into a time machine and bring back the 60’s through Make- up, Hair style and Fashion ;

Make up byNybie Anne Marie Ng

Hair byPao La Ramirez

Wardrobe: Giselle Ong

Photos by: 8Flashes Photography


During the 60’s, Dark eyes paired with pale lips is IN.

For the eyes, Shimmery colors of silver and green were introduced. And one of the best sellers were the shimmery creme shadow( which is meant to brighten up the eye sockets) Twiggy as the icon who commonly used this shade , gave the industry a mod and high fashion look.

Blush: orange/peach undertones

Lips: pale neutral color


 For the 2nd look we changed the lip color,hairstyle and eyeshadow ;


For the Lovely and Psychedelic sisters  ;

I made a fusion of colors for their eye shadows

Make up byNybie Anne Marie Ng

 Hair byPao La Ramirez

Wardrobe: Giselle Ong

Photos by: 8Flashes Photoraphy

  Beauty runs in the genes!:) with her beautiful mom 

The Psychedelic Ong Family! 🙂 ❤ 

(I super  Love this pic!)