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Breakaway: Nicole at 18

Breakaway: Nicole at 18

Hair and Make up by: Nybie Ng

location: Marikina Convention Center

Photos by: Jun Espiritu of  Timelesstales photography

For our lovely débutante  is a mix of a highly spirited ballerina turning into a beautiful lady.

She asked me if i could do her make up for her special event , and i instantly said yes. She already had a look in her mind, so she sent me a picture with  Eva Longoria’ s glamorous blue-black smokey eyes.

I was ecstatic to do my version of the smokey-eyes on her.

on her eyes i used Kohl black shadow as the base and a mixture of aqua and midnight blue as the midtones.

Accentuated her eyes with white shimmer powder to highlight her lovely eyes.