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Beauty and the Bedroom

Celebrating womanhood  and the beauty of femininity in its simplest form by loving one’s self

and exploring its beauty and its curves.

Ms. Gzel

Airbrushed Make up by: Nybie Ng Make up Artistry

Hand-Made Lashes by: Nybie Ng

Hair by: Pao la Ramirez

Photocredits: Ms. Shayla Sanchez of Imagine Nation

with Ms. Joyc Young

PRENUP: Lean and Erika

Lean and Erika


Photos by: Randolf Evan Photography

Airbrushed Make up and Hair by: Make up Artistry by Nybie Ng

Concept and Styling: Erika Oviedo 

Location: Antipolo


For their first peg. Erika wanted to achieve a “Guess” ad type of feel on her photos so for her First look I did her hair in a curly updo accessorized it with a bandanna. On her eyes i made a smokey brown bronzed eyeshadow to compliment the defined winged eye liner to give her that era feel. I painted her lips the classic red.

On their 2nd look we wanted to achieve the Manhattan high class look.