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Ruther and Christa’s engagement session

Ruther and Christa

Airbrushed Make Up: Nybie Ng
Hair: Pao La Ramirez
Photography: Mark Vitasa Photography
Location: Alpadi Estate,Antipolo City







BRIDE: Ms.Ruby

BRIDE : Ms. Ruby

I was so excited to do make up for this bride because she is one special bride for me. I’ve known Ms. ruby from my college days she was one of my college professor( no, she’s not that old. haha). We were her in  pilot class, This explains the age. 🙂  As a student I thought Ms. Ruby to be strict in our class. But during the wedding preparations she was very very nice and accommodating. She is very supportive of what i do now, I really love her for that.

On her wedding I asked her what look does she prefer she said,  natural , soft and fresh  with a little contouring airbrushed make up look but actually anything can do. That I know best and just work my magic on her.

So I did as she requested 🙂

on her eyes, neutral tones. Brown,bronze and peach

Cheeks,  soft pink tone

Lips on the pink neutral side.

After the wedding Ms. Ruby gave us a sweet testimonial on our Facebook page.

Thank you so much Ms. Ruby truly honored to be a part of your special day ❤

Congratulations and Best wishes to my lovely couple Sir Erwin and Ms. Ruby Meim!

Best wishes and a bountiful married life to both of you. ❤

Photo credits: Love and Arts Studio

Airbrushed Make up: Nybie Ng

Hair: Pao la Ramirez

Gown: Ariel Dizon