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TING HUN: Wynn and Eren

Ting Hun (Engagement Party). In Chinese, this symbolizes that both families formally accepts their new son/daughter-in-law into the family.

Congratulations Wynn and Eren! ❤

Thank you for making us part of your special day!


Airbrushed Make up by : Nybie Ng

Hair: Pao la Ramirez

Photo Credits: Ian Santillan

Location: Annapolis Seafood palace

PRENUP: Norman+Beneth


Glamorous E-session Photoshoot

Photo & Styling by Love & Arts Studio

Location: Mi Terraza , Antipolo City


Mark Vitasa

Dona Gino

Stylist: Bessie Vitasa

Hair &  Airbrush Make-up: Nybie Ng

Gown: Michael Leyva
Shoes: Shoe Goddess