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PRENUP: Erwin+Ruby




Location: The Greenery,Bulacan

Photo and Styling: Love and Arts Studio

Airbrushed Make up : Nybie Ng

Hair: Pao la Ramirez

















BRIDE: Ms. Ann Michelle

BRIDE: Ms. Ann Michelle


Airbrushed Make up by: Nybie Ng

Hair by : Pao la Ramirez

Photocredits: Mark Vitasa and Christian De Jesus (Love and Arts Studio)

Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Octa!

Best Wishes! 🙂

Thank you for trusting Nybie Ng Make Up Artistry

BRIDE: Ms.Ruby

BRIDE : Ms. Ruby

I was so excited to do make up for this bride because she is one special bride for me. I’ve known Ms. ruby from my college days she was one of my college professor( no, she’s not that old. haha). We were her in  pilot class, This explains the age. 🙂  As a student I thought Ms. Ruby to be strict in our class. But during the wedding preparations she was very very nice and accommodating. She is very supportive of what i do now, I really love her for that.

On her wedding I asked her what look does she prefer she said,  natural , soft and fresh  with a little contouring airbrushed make up look but actually anything can do. That I know best and just work my magic on her.

So I did as she requested 🙂

on her eyes, neutral tones. Brown,bronze and peach

Cheeks,  soft pink tone

Lips on the pink neutral side.

After the wedding Ms. Ruby gave us a sweet testimonial on our Facebook page.

Thank you so much Ms. Ruby truly honored to be a part of your special day ❤

Congratulations and Best wishes to my lovely couple Sir Erwin and Ms. Ruby Meim!

Best wishes and a bountiful married life to both of you. ❤

Photo credits: Love and Arts Studio

Airbrushed Make up: Nybie Ng

Hair: Pao la Ramirez

Gown: Ariel Dizon

EVENTS: Make Up Artistry by Nybie Ng at Mejo Late Night with Jojo A.

Make Up Artistry by Nybie Ng at Mejo  Late Night with Jojo A.

It will be aired on the 26th of April 12:30am.

Make up Artistry by Nybie Ng  in participation with Love and Arts Studio and Johnystar88 was invited to be a guest at a TV5’s Mejo Late Night Show with Mr. Jojo A. I was asked to showcase what I love doing best, Make up!:)

At first I was really anxious at the same time excited to be infront of the camera. It was my first Tv guesting after all, Make up artist are used to be behind the camera with the photographers and directors all the time. So, this was really a first for me. Good thing I have my friends with me who supported me during the taping . Thank you to Alvin and Klay Tan of Johnystar88 who were there to  guide me on what will happen on the set. They were also the ones who set up the interview for me. I am very thankful to them and for their trust in me. My hairstylist Pao la Ramirez who is always with me on our adventures, To Parvin Kianian for the last minute call and for always trusting me to do your make up, To my Love and Arts Team who help me nurture my creativity more and more and especially,Christian De Jesus who had always been truly supportive and to my mom, Debbie who’s always there to guide me.

Thank you guys for making this possible!:)

Most of all thanks to Him, All the glory back to You, Thank you Lord for your blessings 🙂

For My look on the interview i choose a natural brown semi smokey to highlight my eyes.

Behind the scene shots courtesy of Klay Tan Photography

Pao la and I in action with our model Parvin for her Glamour Airbrushed Look

Airbrush Make up is light weight feels like your not wearing any make up at all makes you feel like its your second skin. It makes your skin look so smooth and evens out discolorations and blemishes. Its also long lasting and waterproof.

My interview with Mr. Jojo A.

Nybie, Mr. Jojo A. and Parvin

Direk Bahjo and Parvin

 Thank you so much to Mr. Jojo A for making me feel at home and for making the interview light and funny!:) You were awesome,great sense of humor and wiity!:)

Airing of the segment will be on April 26 12:30am on TV5

Hope you guys get a time to watch it!:)

Thank for dropping by ❤



(c) Love and Arts Studio

Photographers: Mark Vitasa, Christian De Jesus, Dona Gino

Styling: Bessie Vitasa

Hair and Make up: Nybie Ng

Congratulations to Ryan and Em!:)

Best wishes!